Conditions refugees are facing in Hungary are appalling – the Commission must act

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A high-level delegation consisting of three members of the European Parliament's Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee just returned from a visit to refugee camps on the Hungarian-Serbian border. They were shocked about the humanitarian situation refugees were facing at the border on the Hungarian side and call on the Commission to fully investigate and take real action if any breaches of EU law are found.

S&D Group Vice-President Josef Weidenholzer, Bureau member Péter Niedermüller and S&D Spokesperson for Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Birgit Sippel, who were part of the delegation, said in a joint statement:

“The conditions asylum seekers are facing in Hungary are grim. Within the Röszke Transition Zone on the Hungarian-Serbian border, women, children and whole families are locked in narrow spaces and require a police escort to even visit a doctor. The conditions are not only inhumane but may also be in breach of international and European law. We remain convinced that only a common European asylum policy can help improve the situation refugees are facing and ensure order at the EU’s external borders.”

"However not only the dreadful situation at the borders, but also the latest political decisions by the Hungarian development show that democracy in Hungary is in serious danger. More and more young Hungarian people are leaving their country as they fear losing their future in a common Europe."

"Hungarian Prime Minister Orban has already overstepped the mark, he is damaging the country and the European Commission must finally stand up to him."