The S&D Group has welcomed the EP's vote today on Network Information Security (NIS) and welcomes funding proposals from the European Commission to support small businesses in tackling cybercrime.
S&D Group spokesperson for the Digital Union, Josef Weidenholzer said:
“Cyber security attacks are inherently international and cross border. If we want to tackle them effectively, EU member states need to work together in a far more coordinated manner. We therefore welcome the vote today and yesterday's Commission proposals to do just this. It is vital that all essential services in the economy such as energy, transport, banking and healthcare sectors, and providers of key digital services like search engines and cloud computing take appropriate security measures and report incidents to the national authorities.
“If we want to fight against cybercrime we need to ensure that small businesses have the help they need to tackle these threats. We need to ensure that our IT networks are safe and resilient, and that our citizens are protected from cyber-attacks, identity theft or other types of cybercrime.”

The S&D co-ordinator for the directive, Nicola Danti added: 

“The adoption of the NIS Directive, the first ever EU rules on Cybersecurity,  provides a positive step forward  to guarantee security in Europe’s digital society and economy.

“Operators of essential services and providers of key digital services will have to take appropriate security measures and member states will have to cooperate effectively with them. Thanks to all these provisions, the EU will be able to more effectively face Cyber-attacks, helping to ensure a more secure digital environment for all citizens, consumers and businesses."

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