Cyprus: European Union best guarantor for reunification, say S&Ds


Tomorrow will see the start of a conference on the Cyprus problem, taking place in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, with discussions on the issue of 'Security and Guarantees'. Ahead of the talks, S&D Group president Gianni Pittella said:

"We reiterate our commitment to a stable and lasting solution for Cyprus, which fully respects European law and principles, the EU acquis, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all Cypriots.

"No European country needs tutelage. The S&D Group insists on the need for a European Cyprus and expects that the negotiations for reunification will succeed, provided that an agreement is reached where no foreign troops or third countries will be needed to guarantee the security and independence of Cyprus and Cypriot citizens. The European Union is the best guarantor for all Cypriots and can oversee the implementation of such an agreement."