EPP blocks S&D proposal to make cross-border parcel delivery more efficient and cheaper

EPP blocks S&D proposal to make cross-border parcel delivery more efficient and cheaper, Lucy Anderson, MEP, Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy, Biljana Borzan, S&D MEP,

Today in the transport committee, the EPP voted down proposals put forward by the Socialists and Democrats that would have eliminated a number of obstacles to cross-border parcel deliveries.  Every year around four billion parcels are ordered online and delivered across the European Union. Although there is great potential for further growth in this sector, the relatively high costs and concerns by online consumers and small businesses on the cross-border delivery of items, bought and sold online, are a key obstacle to the further development of this sector.
The key points of the proposal rejected today included requirements for delivery companies to report the prices of a range of cross-border parcel services to enable national authorities to identify prices deemed unreasonably high; an annual assessment report on parcel tariffs to the Commission and national authorities and a dedicated Commission website to ensure transparency in the parcel sector as a whole, and provide consumers and small businesses with more information on available options.
Lucy Anderson, MEP and S&D rapporteur for the proposal, said:

“It is regretful that the EPP today voted down proposals that would have assured more efficiency, greater transparency of tariffs and affordable prices for cross- border parcel deliveries. These measures are part of the framework of the European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy. The proposals rejected by the EPP were in the interests of consumers and small businesses and we will continue to fight for their interests.”
Biljana Borzan, S&D MEP and responsible for online deliveries in the internal market committee, added:

“It is very disappointing that the EPP didn’t support our proposal, which received broad support in the internal market committee. Our proposals were a great opportunity to create more transparency on the parcel delivery market and improve cross-border delivery options for business and consumers.”