EU industrial policy: S&Ds call for a coherent, future-oriented and socially and environmentally sustainable strategy

2 workers in a metal based industry factory

Speaking at a high-level seminar today in the European Parliament, Martina Werner MEP, S&D spokesperson for industrial matters, said that the Commission's communication on future industrial policy released last week was a good first step but too late.
"We need to secure jobs and growth in Europe. The Commission has the responsibility to come forward with concrete proposals to give EU industry a suitable regulatory framework so that it can prosper in a globalised context."
S&D vice-president Kathleen van Brempt MEP said:
"We must realise that industrial policy and a progressive energy policy must go hand in hand. Supporting energy efficiency and the energy transition, with a strong focus on renewables, is a must for the future of our Union."
Edouard Martin MEP, S&D rapporteur on the base metals industry and shadow rapporteur on the emissions trading system (ETS) declared:
"Industry is key to Europe. We need industry to be working to improve the quality of life of our citizens. We need fair commercial trade in order to escape from the liberal doctrine that wants to make us believe that the solution is lower production costs. It is not!"