The S&D Group is fighting every day of the year for progressive steps forward for women’s rights and gender equality. Today, on the International Women's Day, we will also speak out loudly on the streets for the direction we want to go: equal pay, equal rights on every level and no tolerance of violence. #All4Equality

Iratxe García-Pérez, S&D spokesperson on women's rights and gender equality, said:

“It is necessary to move forward on gender equality and to put an end to the gender pay and pension gap. We cannot allow any tolerance of violence against woman. We represent half of the European population and for that reason we also want to participate in a fair and equal way on every level in Europe.

“We Socialists and Democrats are the progressive force in Europe which is fighting for the best way forward. In the 21st century, we cannot allow any reverse turn to a right-wing nationalism and populism. The future is about equality for all and we will not allow any step back. We must not tolerate that our daughters have less rights than our mothers!

Udo Bullmann, president of the S&D Group, stated:

“As a father and husband, it pains me to see that Europe is experiencing a serious backlash against women’s rights: in Poland as well as in Bulgaria, and in Spain where an extreme right-wing party in Andalusia is trying to turn back the clock on women’s rights to the Franco era. These are only some of too many examples. But the truth is that no European country is even close to achieving full gender equality. This is not the Europe I want.

“I fight for a different Europe. A Europe where my daughters enjoy the same rights as my son does. Equal pay and pension. Equal access to the labour market and career opportunities. And a life free of fear, sexual harassment and violence. This is the Europe I want for all girls and women.”


Note to the editors:

Video-Statement by Iratxe García-Pérez

Today, from 14:00 onwards, the “Women’s Strike March” in Brussels will take place (organised by Collective 8 March Belgium and Marche Mondiale des Femmes with the participation of the S&Ds); Meeting point at Gare Central, (march starts at 17:00) - final speeches at Place du Luxembourg at 18:30.

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