Speaking ahead of the LuxLeaks appeal trial, S&D MEPs have called on the European Commission to finally take action and ensure whistleblowers are protected across the EU.

S&D MEP Virginie Rozière, who is present at the trial in Luxembourg and will be co-rapporteur for the Parliament’s report on whistleblowers, said:

"This trial is a new hardship for Antoine Deltour, Raphaël Halet and Edouard Perrin. It is a disgrace that they faced trial in the first place and we hope their sentences will be fully rescinded at this appeal. I want to underline their tenacity, ethical sense and strength and to repeat my complete support for them.

“This trial shows why we need real protections for whistleblowers in Europe. We at the European Parliament will continue to push the European Commission on this to ensure those acting to expose the shady dealings of the global elites are protected from retribution.”

S&D spokesperson for legal affairs, Evelyn Regner MEP, added:

“We need to go beyond nice words in support of whistleblowers and ensure that they are given clear legal protections. As we have seen with LuxLeaks, the Panama Papers, or Bahama Leaks, the tax dealings of multinational companies and the global elite are at the best immoral and at the worst illegal. We are only aware of the scale of this problem because of the bravery of people like Antoine Deltour, Raphaël Halet and Edouard Perrin. It cannot be right that they face trial, while those implicated in the scandals get off scot-free.”

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MEPs Involved

ROZIÈRE Virginie
Head of delegation

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