The EPP candidate for the European Parliament’s presidency, Antonio Tajani, has a poor record on women’s rights and gender equality issues.
The S&D Group's spokesperson on women's rights and gender equality, Marie Arena said:
"Mr Tajani's voting record in this parliament shows a consistent rejection of the core EU value of equality between women and men - he voted against the EU Strategy for Gender Equality 2015-2020 leaving half of the EU's citizens without support. He has also shown constant opposition to abortion rights and women's sexual and reproductive rights. Mr Tajani has not denied signing the ‘One of Us’ pledge which defends ‘the vision of the person from conception to natural death’ and promotes ‘the value of life, family, motherhood and marriage’.
"Mr Tajani, equality between women and men is a part of the EU Treaties and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, but as your record shows, you will not be defending those values."

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