Pittella: the Albanian people have clearly chosen the European path

Albania socialist winner

Sunday's general elections in Albania ended with a landslide victory for the Albanian Socialist Party. The Socialist Movement of Integration could also increase the number of seats in the new parliament. This clearly shows that the previous coalition government has the support of the people for its course of reforms.
Speaking after the results of the Albanian election, S&D Group president Gianni Pittella said:

"I extend my warmest congratulations to Edi Rama and the Socialist Party. The Albanian people have made a clear choice. They want more justice, more reforms and a better future. A European future.

"In today's times of growing populism and scepticism towards Europe, I am glad to see that a pro-European leader and a pro-European party will continue to govern the country. The Albanian Socialist Party now has a strong mandate to step up reform efforts to address the pressing issues affecting the country and deliver fair and socially responsible policies for its people.

"For Europe it is great news to have a socialist government which is committed to Europe, equality and progressive policies. Edi Rama’s election proves that the EU dream is still alive in the country and that Albanians see their future within the EU."
S&D spokesperson for foreign affairs and rapporteur for Albania, Knut Fleckenstein MEP, said:

“Albania's citizens are the clear winners in these elections. They have voted in a peaceful and generally orderly manner in favour of reforms aimed at achieving social, economic and political progress. And this is why I would like to congratulate them. Their voices must be heard. Therefore, all political parties should recognise the result and constructively engage in the work of the new parliament in order to swiftly implement the country's EU-related reforms, in particular the justice reforms and the vetting process. I hope that the accession negotiations can start soon.”