As of today president of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament, Gianni Pittella, and the ACP-EU vice-chair, Cecile Kyenge, start a crucial mission to Nigeria and Guinea Conakry in the framework of the S&D Group's commitment to build a new and strategic partnership with Africa.


President Pittella and ACP-EU vice-chair, Cecile Kyenge, stated:
"Our geo-political borders are moving south. If we want to better manage migration, if we want to be effective on counter-terrorism, then we have to be aware that Sahel region is crucial. The region is experiencing a demographical boom, economic disparities, terrorism threats, and the lack of access to basic needs. The mix of these elements together with a very low level of education and job creation represents a ticking bomb in the short and medium term.

"That's why we decided to go to visit Guinea Conakry and Nigeria, the main countries of transit and origin of migrants to Europe. 

"We will meet several representatives from the Nigerian and Guinean governments as well as people working in NGOs dealing with migrants and post Ebola outbreak. We will also visit the Yola Camp, in the northern region of Nigeria, which hosts thousands of internally displaced people fleeing Boko Haram and famine.

"In the light of the next important EU - African Union summit in November and the post Cotonou development, working for a reliable and mid-long term partnership with African partners is crucial to build a peaceful and stable Africa and Europe together."


  • Cecile Kyenge

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