Pittella: Italian vote is a turning point for the EU. I will run for election

gianni pittella

Following last night’s decision by the Partito Democratico, the leader of the S&D Group Gianni Pittella, accepted to run in the upcoming elections in Italy.

Explaining his decision, Gianni Pittella said:

“The next Italian elections will be a turning point for the future of Italy but also for the whole of Europe. The Democratic Party remains the last bastion that can prevent Italy from falling to right-wing, populist and xenophobic movements.

“To win these important elections, Matteo Renzi and the Democratic Party have requested me to run as a candidate for the Senate. As an act of duty and responsibility towards my party, towards Italy and towards Europe, I have decided to accept this challenge. It will not be an easy battle; Italian politics have entered rough waters. Hence, I will need to spend time and energy on the campaign trail, in Italy. However, I will not shy away from my duties as president of the S&D Group and in full cooperation with the S&D vice-presidents and Bureau, we will define how to manage the Group most efficiently in the upcoming weeks. Our battle for a more progressive Europe continues.”