Pittella: Shame on all responsible for the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun. UN and EU should stop this war


Following the news of chemical attacks in Syria, S&D Group president Gianni Pittella said:
“Shame, shame, shame. We can’t find a more suitable word to stress our deepest indignation, sorrow and anger for the disgraceful chemical attack on the Syrian city of Khan Sheikhoun. Dozens have been killed, including many children. Shame on those who are directly responsible for this, shame on those who are politically responsible for this and shame on all those at an international level who allow this damned war to continue killing innocent people.
“Those who used chemical weapons will have to answer to the international community. It is a crime against humanity and a war crime, a blatant violation of the Geneva Convention and the worst abuse against civilians.

“We call on the UN to react. We call on the Syrian regime and allies to immediately stop the attacks and on the international community, including Assad’s allies, the US, the EU and its member states to protect civilians and find a diplomatic solution for peace. Let’s put an end to this damned war.”