S&D Group president Gianni Pittella is in Slovenia today as part of an event organised by the Slovenian Socialists and Democrats on the future of the EU. He was joined by S&D Group vice-president Tanja Fajon and Group spokesperson for foreign affairs Knut Fleckenstein.

Speaking at the event S&D Group president Gianni Pittella MEP said:

"Social democracy is not dead. Neither its principles nor its values. In the face of increasing inequality in our societies, lack of solidarity among people and countries, and growing unemployment and nationalism, we progressives should not move our values closer to the neoliberals or create a new sort of social-liberalism. On the contrary we must radicalise our values and finally steer globalisation. The time for watered-down compromise is over. We have to defend the EU by changing it. Moving back to inward-looking nationalism is not the solution. A renewed and stronger European Union is the only way to steer globalisation for the benefit of all our citizens. Here we count on our Slovenian social-democrat friends to help us win this battle together."

S&D Group vice-president Tanja Fajon MEP added:

"I am glad that Slovenian socialists and democrats are initiating the debate on the future of the European Union. Economic development, including increased investments and digitalisation, and more funds for research are essential for our future. We, Socialists and Democrats, are convinced that fighting tax evasion and strengthening labour and social rights is the way forward. We need to revise and update our migration and asylum policies. However, what we need the most at the moment is renewed European solidarity. Without it we are opening the doors to the populists and extremists, which would be disastrous for all of Europe!"

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