Pittella: Trump's racist policy on migration is offensive to Mexico and the whole of Europe

Pittella: Trump's racist policy on migration is offensive to Mexico and the whole of Europe, Eloy Cantú Segovia, refugees, #EuwakeUp,

During today's meeting with the Mexican Ambassador to EU, Eloy Cantú Segovia, the president of the S&D Group, Gianni Pittella, and the Group vice-president responsible for foreign policy, development, international cooperation and human rights, Elena Valenciano, called upon the Trump administration to respect its obligations under international law.
Following the meeting S&D president Gianni Pittella, said:
"Every wall built is a defeat for politics and democratic values, whether is it in the US, in Europe or elsewhere. The S&D Group firmly condemns the recent steps taken by the US President, Donald Trump, who is putting in danger the political and social dialogue with Mexico and Latin American communities, by spreading a virus of xenophobia and hate. Europe cannot accept a migration policy based on discrimination and racism. We therefore demand that the US administration respect international law on refugees, asylum seekers and the human dignity for migrants.
"Mexico is a privileged partner for Europe. The Trump attitude has to be considered as an offence not only to Mexico but also to Europe. The Socialist and Democrat Group calls on the EU foreign affairs Council to hold an urgent meeting on Transatlantic relations.
"The S&D Group will also ask for a debate with a resolution, during the February plenary session, to assess the worrying measures put forward by Trump – from the discriminatory travel ban based on religious beliefs, the US commitment to NATO, Brexit and bilateral trade."
S&D vice-president Elena Valenciano, stated:
"The first steps taken by the Trump administration have shown little respect for international law and for the commitments the USA have in their relations with Mexico, with Latin America, with Europe and with the international community at large.
"We, the European Socialists and Democrats will defend the rights of every single person, be they born in the European Union or not.
"We will never accept contempt towards Mexico, who is a loyal partner to the EU and has been a reliable counterpart to the USA in recent decades."