The S&D Group has congratulated its sister party Georgian Dream on its emphatic victory in the Georgian Parliamentary elections on Sunday.
A delegation from the European Parliament took part in an international Election Observation Mission for the elections. The delegation included S&D MEPs Ana Gomes, who headed the mission, Andrejs Mamikins, Parliament rapporteur for Georgia, and Clare Moody, Co-Chair of the Friends of Georgia Group in the European Parliament.
S&D MEP Ana Gomes, who headed the Parliament’s delegation to the Electoral Observation Mission said:
“We are pleased to have been invited by the Georgian authorities to observe these elections.  These elections were competitive but most importantly free, fair and peaceful. It is a success story for this beautiful country.  We are pleased to report that the elections were well administered and fundamental freedoms were respected. Although there were some incidents, these did not overshadow the calm and open atmosphere of this event.”
S&D MEP Andrejs Mamikins, Parliament rapporteur for Georgia, said:
“My congratulations to winners of this election, our comrades Party of European Socialists (PES) observer member party Georgian Dream. During the last four years, the social-democratic government has shown the country’s strong commitment to democracy and civil rights. The biggest winners in this election are the people of Georgia. I believe that the country will continue to make the reforms necessary to be a strong partner of the EU."
S&D MEP Clare Moody, Co-Chair of the Friends of Georgia Group in the European Parliament, said:
“As S&D MEPs we value the relationship between the EU and Georgia that is why we are pleased to be here to observe these elections and witness the dedication of the people of Georgia to an open and democratic future.  We look forward to continuing with our election observation for the second round and then working with elected representatives in delivering our shared goals.”

  • Ana Gomes
  • Andrejs Mamikins
  • Clare Moody

MEPs Involved

GOMES Ana Maria R.M.
Head of delegation
United Kingdom

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