The S&D Group proposes European Parliament report on combatting terrorism and radicalisation

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The S&D Group has today called for the Parliament to prepare a detailed report on combatting terrorism and radicalisation inside the EU, while defending freedoms, the rule of law and democracy.

The S&D Group stresses the need to make full use of the EU and its institutions to further enhance the security of its citizens and counter terrorism globally. The report should look at de-radicalisation inside and outside Europe as well as taking a pragmatic approach to new security measures. The Parliament’s foreign affairs and civil liberties, justice and home affairs committees will write the report jointly.

Knut Fleckenstein MEP, S&D Group spokesperson for foreign affairs, said:

“Freedom and security cannot be played off against each other. Citizens have a right to both! We parliamentarians must contribute to that.

“The report should look at what has already been decided and implemented, where implementation is lagging behind and where additional measures by the EU and its member states are needed.

“We have spent long enough discussing these important issues, now is the time to see how these measures are working in practice.”

Tanja Fajon MEP, S&D Group vice-president responsible for extremism, added:

“The S&D Group has been a constructive partner in adopting measures to improve Europe’s security. However, we now need to see that these measures are being implemented properly and are working effectively. We must also be pragmatic; all new measures must ensure respect for civil liberties, the rule of law and democracy.

“We are calling on the Commission to act. We need a total, unambiguous and fact-based analysis of all the measures currently in place at national and EU-level. We can then address what is working, what is not working, and what is still missing.

“This is not just a question of what is happening in Europe, we need to work across the world to tackle terrorism and ensure that freedoms and democracy are protected.”