Today the European Parliament continued voting for the new EP’s governing administration after the mid-term review.  Out of 14 vice-presidents elected for the EP presidency, the following 5 vice-presidents have been elected as EP vice-presidents from the S&D Group:
·         Evelyne Gebhardt, Germany
·         Sylvie Guillaume, France
·         Bogusław Liberadzki, Poland
·         David Sassoli, Italy
·         Ioan M Pascu, Romania
MEP Vladimír Maňka has been elected as EP quaestor for the S&D Group.
Commenting on the outcome of the elections, S&D Group president Gianni Pittella said:
“I congratulate all our MEPs who have been elected or some even re-elected in their roles as EP vice-presidents. I also congratulate our candidate for EP quaestor who has been elected.
“For us a new phase has started with the outcome of the EP president elections yesterday and we will work together with our progressive colleagues in this house to strive for a better and fairer Europe for all.”

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