Tue 11             EU-Japan Partnership Agreement

Pedro SILVA PEREIRA  Tel: +33(0)3 88 1 75707

“Our Group already has started the political discussion on the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement and will take a decision in the light of the outcome of the negotiations and the commitments of both parties on sustainable development. As rapporteur, I have called the attention of the Parliament to the fact that this agreement is economically balanced, strategically important at a time of rising protectionism and a step forward on sustainable development. It is fair to say that the S&D Group was the driving force behind key improvements. We have now the chance to approve in plenary a report with strong progressive messages.”

S&D press officer: Tim Allan +32 475 63 56 73


Mon 10                        Transparency and sustainability in the food chain

Pavel POC                                     Tel: +33(0)3 88 1 75411

“Our vote in the environment committee confirmed that we as S&D respond to calls for more transparency and that we side with the public, not the industry. Now we have to prove it in plenary. Protection of competitiveness, copyright and patents is important and must be secured, but not at the cost of reduced safety. The early disclosure of information in the risk assessment process is the only way to provide risk assessors with the best available scientific knowledge and to ensure high level of protection for the environment, public and animal health. In today's world where the driving force is money, the only hope for citizens is to have a robust system of authorization that will be sufficiently resistant to external pressure and when all fraudulent practices will be easily detected and corrected.”

S&D press officer: Victoria Martín De La Torre     + 32 473 23 41 73


Tue 11            2019 EU Budget

Daniele VIOTTI          Tel:+33(0)3 88 1 75652

“A progressive Budget 2019 is now at hand. After tough negotiations with the Council, we managed to strike the best possible deal that can arm EU’s hands with appropriate financial tools to address current and future challenges. Thanks to our efforts, the Youth European Initiative will have a budget of €350 million, the Erasmus+ budget will be increased by over €240 million, €24.5 million will be dedicated to tackle climate change and over €142.2 million will go address the migration challenge. A proper budget is paramount to serving our values and priorities and regaining citizens’ trust. Now it up to the member states to show the same commitment and ambition that the Parliament did by adopting the agreement.”

S&D press contact: Jan Bernas +32 471 64 87 77


Wed 12                        Digital Services Tax               

Paul TANG                       Tel:  +33(0)3 88 1 75626

“The failure of EU finance ministers to adopt the digital services tax (DST) at their meeting on Tuesday shows their failure to deliver tax justice and reduce inequalities, despite calls from 700.000 EU citizens in an Avaaz petition and a near-unanimous vote in the economic and monetary affairs committee. Ministers presented a watered-down proposal whereby only advertisements revenues would be taxed and which would enter into force in 2021, just in case no deal has been reached in the OECD by then. Postponing such a vital decision is unfair to honest taxpayers and harmful to the EU economy as a whole. The S&D Group wants to ensure that digital multinationals such as Google, Facebook and Amazon pay their fair share of taxes, as all ordinary citizens and small firms do. We have fought to increase the scope and the rate of this digital tax and will continue to fight for tax justice in Europe. We urge the Council and EU finance ministers to come up with a more ambitious agreement to tax these Tech Giants without delay.”

S&D press officer: Eva Sali       +32 495 56 24 31


Mon 10            Schengen acquis in Bulgaria and Romania

Sergei STANISHEV                 Tel:+33(0)3 88 1 75654

“The S&D has been consistently advocating for Bulgaria and Romania’s Schengen accession without further delay, as well as for preserving free movement in the EU. Both countries have fulfilled the necessary criteria already in 2011, but the decision has been blocked in Council for 7 years now. With this initiative report, we seek to elaborate Parliament’s position on the matter by opposing the dangerous idea of a 2-step approach – first lifting control at air and sea borders, and then, eventually, at land borders. Citing political and economic arguments against such prospects, we oppose the possibility to split Schengen and permanently create a second category of member states, where free movement is not part of the deal. It is consistent with our fight against double standards and dual class citizenship in the EU, which resonates with people ahead of EU elections.”

S&D press officer: Tim Allan +32 475 63 56 73


Tue 11             Special Committee on Terrorism report

Caterina CHINNICI                Tel: +33(0)3 88 1 77387

“Terrorist threats in recent years have forced the EU to strengthen and update the regulatory instruments, both in terms of contrast and of prevention, maintaining the balance between security and respect for fundamental rights. The special committee on terrorism has concluded a very complex work, setting important objectives in the final report. Priority is given to strengthening the mechanisms of cooperation and information sharing and to cyber-security. We urge member states to apply all directives against anti-money laundering and terrorism financing and also investigate crypto-currency movements. Particular attention must be paid to the protection of victims, to socio-cultural prevention and to educational campaigns to help young people to consciously use the media. We S&Ds oppose efforts associating security risks to the issue of migration and the mentioning of "second and third generation migrants".”

S&D press officer: Tim Allan +32 475 63 56 73


Tue 11                         EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

Tonino PICULA          Tel:  +33(0)3 88 1 75948

“The security situation in the European eastern neighbourhood remains highly volatile with a serious threat of further escalation as demonstrated by the recent Kerch Strait incident. Our Group has clearly condemned Russian usage of its military might and attempts to transform Sea of Azov into a Russian ‘internal lake’. We remain dedicated to deescalating current situation and weary of actions that may bring civilians closer to danger, and conflicting parties further from solutions.”

S&D press officer: Inga Inga Czerny-Grimm +32 474 62 28 84







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