S&Ds always stand for rule of law and democracy. There is no ‘Romanian issue’ in Europe.

Romania Parliament

Following the debate on the possible threats to the rule of law by the Romanian justice system reform, S&D vice-presidents Tanja Fajon and Josef Weidenholzer commented: 

S&D vice-president Tanja Fajon stated:  

“There is no political colour, no national convenience that could prevail over our full respect and attachment to the rule of law and European standards. The authorities from Bucharest have openly and clearly shown their sincere willingness to explain the ongoing judicial reforms and to address the pending issues in accordance with European standards. Romania is one of the youngest democracies in the European Union, but its democracy relies on independent constitutional mechanisms and procedures.

Hence, we firmly reject any politicization or calculated attacks launched by the EPP. In Europe, there is no ‘Romanian issue’. The EPP and the right-wing forces should better look at Hungary and Poland whose governments are deeply, concretely and continuously putting in danger their democracy and rule of law.” 

S&D Group vice-president Josef Weidenholzer said:

“We, Socialists and Democrats, always stand for the respect of the rule of law, democracy and human rights. Romania is a consolidated democracy in Europe and this was confirmed by the clear willingness shown by the Romanian Minister of Justice to explain the reform in an open and transparent manner, committing to address the remaining issues. We have been assured by the fact that the ongoing reforms are fully in line with the rule of law and European values. The political stability of Eastern Europe is crucial. The economic growth must always go hand in hand with a strong, independent and democratic check and balance system. This is what we expect from all EU member states. This is what Romanian authorities are providing the necessary insurances for.”