Today, the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament have, together with the Parliamentary groups of Greens and ALDE, issued a joint letter calling on president Tusk to take all the necessary actions to enable a breakthrough on the migration challenge at the next European Council.

S&D Group president, Udo Bullmann, said:  

“Time is up. We cannot afford any postponement of a solution to the migration challenge, without risking the unity of the European Union. This is what we have made clear, together with the Greens and Liberals in the European Parliament, in our joint letter to Donald Tusk today. We call on Tusk to put the debate on a Common European Asylum System on the agenda of the June Council.

“In the letter we express our shared conviction that migration is a Europe-wide challenge that can only be solved sustainably through a Europe-wide agreement, based on solidarity and responsibility. Only at EU level can effective and fair solutions be found to the benefit of all member states and EU citizens. We have very reasonable options for such an agreement on the table, especially concerning a reform of the Dublin system. Now we need the member states to deliver on that.

Read the letter here

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Published 20/06/2018
Joint letter to president Tusk

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S&D Group president

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PENTSI Angelika
President's spokesperson, Press Officer

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