S&Ds lead the opposition to a 'Fortress Europe'

Following the adoption yesterday in Strasbourg by the European Parliament of the report on addressing refugee and migrant movements - the role of EU External Action - S&D vice-president and AFET rapporteur, Elena Valenciano, stated:


“The adoption of the report represents a tangible proof that the Socialists and Democrats are the leading force in fighting populism and the xenophobic hysteria in Europe. Indeed, at the last moment and after having reached an agreement, the regretful decision of the EPP Group to vote against it proves that the majority of the EPP Group members have decided to flirt with populism, joining forces with the extreme right and those who want a ‘Fortress Europe’.


“Taking the populist path is easy, but irresponsible and dangerous. We will not cease working to change the negative perception of migration and insist on an EU external action based on our values and principles. We need an EU migration and refugee policy that puts human rights and peoples’ dignity before any other interest. Solidarity among the EU member states and towards third countries, when dealing with the phenomenon, is the only way forward.”