Norbert Neuser MEP, the S&D co-ordinator of the development committee in the European Parliament, and S&D MEP Juan Fernando Aguilar López were among the MEPs observing the recent Ghanaian elections to ensure fair play.

The European Parliament delegation undertook an election observation mission on the 5-9 December 2016, covering both the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ghana, which took place on the 7 December 2016.

MEP Norbert Neuser also headed the delegation team deployed to Kumasi.

S&D MEP Norbert Neuser said:

“We are happy to have participated in this election observation mission.  The elections were fair, peaceful and transparent. The winners are indeed the people of Ghana who demonstrated their commitment to democracy by peacefully casting their votes.

“On this note, we highlight the important role of the European Union in providing support for good governance and the democratic transition process to countries in Africa. The elections in Ghana, coupled with the determined will of its people for peaceful stability and strengthened democracy, exemplify the positive outcome of such support.”

S&D MEP Juan Fernando Aguilar López said:

“These were highly competitive and closely contested elections. We congratulate the elected president and parliamentary representatives.  We are pleased to have observed such a successful and well-organised electoral process. We now support the peaceful transfer of power and the continued political inclusion of the people of Ghana throughout the entire electoral term.

“We are also happy to have seen a number of women participating, as voters and in the election process. We would however like to see more women in leadership positions.”

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MEPs Involved

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