S&Ds: urgently addressing climate change is central to the very preservation of the Pacific region

Man walking on planet with sun rise in front of him

Climate change, fisheries and trade were high on the agenda of the Pacific regional meeting of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Port Vila, Vanuatu, on 19-21 July.

MEPs met with national parliamentarians from the Pacific region to discuss joint approaches on common challenges facing Europe and the Pacific. S&D MEPs Cécile Kyenge, Marlene Mizzi, Ricardo Serrão Santos, Norbert Neuser, and Neena Gill were in attendance.

Cécile Kyenge MEP, vice-chair of the Joint Parliamentary Assembly, said:

“The European Union has a long-standing partnership with Pacific nations, and our parliamentary cooperation through the JPA is a crucial element of this relationship.

“We only have one planet. While we may be at opposite ends of it, we are all facing the very real threat of climate-related catastrophe unless we act decisively and quickly. Tackling climate change and strengthening resilience together must be a central element of our future EU-Pacific relations, if we are to reach the 2030 Agenda goal of leaving no-one behind.

“Climate change may have a more serious effect on small islands. If disaster is to be minimised, investment must be directed towards building appropriate structures, early warning systems, and quick response facilities.

“Fisheries, including coastal and small-scale fisheries, is the lifeblood of the Pacific region. It is vital we work together for mutually coherent and sustainable fisheries polices, in order to ensure food security, protect biodiversity and safeguard the livelihood of so many Pacific islanders.”