Reacting to today’s announcement by Commissioner for employment and social affairs, Nicolas Schmit, in the German press that he will push for a new directive to ensure decent working conditions for all workers, Agnes Jongerius, S&D MEP and employment spokesperson, said:

“We welcome Commissioner Schmit’s commitment to put an end to the scandalous working conditions of slaughterhouse staff and seasonal workers. We have been pushing for better protection of atypical workers for many years, but our efforts have to date been blocked by the conservatives and liberals. Now, the COVID-19 crisis has thrown a spotlight on the plight of seasonal and contract workers, who too often receive a pittance, are made to work long hours, and live under shocking conditions. It is unacceptable that thousands of European workers fall through the cracks of our social and employment rules. Now that both the Commission and the incoming German Presidency have announced their willingness to tackle this issue, we hope to see progress in the coming months. We will be on their heels to ensure their words will be followed by deeds as soon as possible.”

Note to the editor:

Neither seasonal, contract workers nor the bogus self-employed are covered by the Posted Workers Directive which the European Parliament approved in 2018 under the leadership of S&D negotiator Agnes Jongerius, who has been pushing for a directive to ensure all workers in Europe are covered by social and employment rules. Agnes Jongerius and Gaby Bischoff call for additional safeguards in a resolution on protecting cross-border and seasonal workers which will be voted during this plenary session.

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