S&Ds welcome new seat and secured financing for the European Youth Orchestra

European Youth Orchestra and EUYO letters
Ph. Peter-adaml

The future of the European Youth Orchestra (EUYO) has been secured. It is currently based in the UK and it depends on annual financial requests. However, a decision has been taken, promoted by the S&Ds, in order to move the seat to Italy after Brexit and to ensure co-financing of 600,000 euros annually, by the EU and the Italian government, over the next three years from 2018 to 2020.

The promoter of this initiative in the European Parliament, S&D MEP Silvia Costa, said:

"EUYO's existence was threatened, and I am very happy that its continuity is now ensured. Like Erasmus, this is a project that embodies EU transnational common culture; it builds friendships and promotes the young. This orchestra was founded 40 years ago by Claudio Abbado and Lionel Bryer. It is composed of 160 musicians from 28 European Union countries. Over its 40 years of history it has trained more than 3,000 musicians. Many of them are now conductors, soloists, instrumentalists and teachers in the major orchestras of the world."