Speaking this morning at the PSOE party Congress in Madrid, Gianni Pittella, president of the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament, highlighted the need for progressive policies to make the lives of people all over Europe better. At a bilateral meeting with Pedro Sanchez he congratulated him on his re-election as party leader.

Gianni Pittella, S&D Group leader and MEP, said:

"Socialist parties all over Europe must sharpen their identities to win back our voters. The time of grand coalitions with the conservatives is over and we must deliver on an agenda for real change.

"In the face of increasing inequality, lack of solidarity and growing nationalism, there is a real need for progressive policies all over Europe: it is high time that we end cold-hearted austerity, which has brought so much misery in particular to our youth, and replace it with a strong initiative for investment, growth and jobs.

“For too long, unfettered globalisation has benefited the few and not the many. By working together as progressives we must steer globalisation, shielding citizens and their jobs and security from the negative aspects. The Socialist parties all over Europe are called upon to deliver these changes for the people. Because no one else will.

"I congratulate Pedro Sanchez on his election as party leader of the PSOE and for his courage. The PSOE is the oldest and proudest of the Spanish parties and has always stood on the side of the Spanish people. It is time that the party unites again behind this proud history and mission and fights to win back the trust of the people. Because Spain and Europe need a strong PSOE-led government to bring about the progressive policies that will make people's lives better."

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