Today the S&D president Udo Bullmann will present in Madrid the Progressive Society policy report on Sustainable Equality, a document elaborated by a group of independent experts and practitioners, which inspires a new progressive vision for the future of Europe.

Ahead of a conference this evening organised by the Spanish think tank Fundación Alternativas, Udo Bullmann said:

“The financial crisis is over, but it has left many casualties and the new economic growth is not felt by many citizens. We see persistent growing inequalities and new worrying phenomena like the working poor.

“This report presents a roadmap to change that trend and to fight against all forms of inequality, in particular social, economic, environmental and territorial. This radical shift demands institutional changes, like the reform of the European Semester, in order to include social criteria and not just macroeconomic growth, but also societal changes. We must bring everyone on board and ensure the well-being of all Europeans, regardless of where they live. They should all have the same opportunities to live a good life.

“There is no solution to the ecological challenge if we don’t address at the same time the creation of quality jobs and the democratic participation of those who feel left behind.”

Tomorrow, as a fringe event ahead of the PES Congress in Madrid, the Group of the Socialists and Democrats will be hosting a workshop and also present the Progressive Society policy report on Sustainable Equality. It will be web streamed on

This report intends to build on the recent Commission reflection paper on a Sustainable Europe by 2030, which in its scenario 1 proposes ‘a European process for the Sustainable Development Goals policy coordination’, and calls for ‘specific SDG implementation targets’ to be defined at EU level and ‘comprehensive national SDG strategies’ to be developed. 

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