We can all contribute to achieving the Paris goals, say S&D MEPs attending the COP 23 in Bonn

letter C and green globe for O and letter P - COP23 in Bonn, Germany

The Group of the Socialists and Democrats has been very active since the preparations for the COP 21 in Paris and is closely following the implementation of the commitments made two years ago. This is why an S&D delegation is going to Bonn tomorrow to take part in meetings with world leaders and civil society representatives of the COP 23.
The MEPs in the delegation are S&D vice-president for sustainability Kathleen Van Brempt (@kvanbrempt) and the S&D spokesperson on environment Miriam Dalli (@Miriamdalli).
Despite the disengagement of the federal government in the United States from the commitments made under former president Barack Obama, there is still room for optimism. Mayors and governors across the US are showing leadership and taking responsibility to live up to the challenge of saving the planet.

The MEPs will be meeting representatives of various multilateral organisations and representatives from several countries - including China, Russia, India and Brazil - as well as members of business and industry NGOs.

The S&Ds believe in the strong role of civil society and regional and local governments, as well as other non-state actors, in contributing to the climate goals. This is why the S&D Group will take part in the side-event the European Parliament is organising during the COP 23 on the role of non-state actors; will meet a lot of NGO representatives and international institutes and is organising an event on November 23rd in Antwerp on the role of ‘Sustainable cities’ (see the full programme here).