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S&Ds outraged at the decision on new pollution limits for diesel cars, S&D Group vice-president responsible for sustainable development, Kathleen van Brempt, VW scandal, S&D Group spokesperson responsible for sustainable development, Matthias Groote, Real

The Commission's follow-up report on Dieselgate shows lack of action by member states, say S&Ds

In its recommendations of 4 April 2017 following the Dieselgate inquiry, the Parliament called on the European Commission to submit by October 2018 “a comprehensive report on the action taken by the...

S&Ds promote sustainable battery manufacturing in Europe

Batteries are crucial for the transition to a sustainable economic model, both at the industrial level, but also for households and transport. However, around 80% of batteries in the world are...

S&Ds successfully push for raising the EU climate target for 2030 to 55% goal

Today, Socialists and Democrats led a cross-party majority in the environment committee in favour of a more ambitious goal for the EU in greenhouse gas emissions reductions. The adopted resolution on...
Plastic bottels and bags in ocean

S&Ds: We took a crucial step towards a sustainable future by making single-use plastic items a waste of the past

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament are once again the frontrunner in the crucial battle for a swift and sustainable transition to a circular economy. Today, we have led the Committee...

S&Ds call for urgent action to fulfil Paris Agreement commitments

Following the publication of the IPCC climate change report today and ahead of the Environment Council’s meeting tomorrow, S&D Euro MPs call for urgent additional measures to fulfil the Paris...
car and exhaust fumes and words - We want cleaner cars

The Parliament wants a 40% reduction of cars’ CO2 emissions by 2030

Today the plenary of the European Parliament backed an ambitious report drafted by S&D MEP Miriam Dalli calling for a 40% cut of cars’ and vans’ CO2 emissions by 2030. The goal of the report is...
Doctor and medicine icons - syringe, pills etc

Led by S&Ds, the Parliament demands an EU system to assess medicines and medical devices

Today, the plenary of the European Parliament backed the report by S&D MEP Soledad Cabezón calling for the introduction of joint clinical assessments of health technologies at EU level. S&Ds...