Towards a new system of relations based on partnership: WITH AFRICA

"Our commitment" - Introduction by S&D president Gianni Pittella

For too long hypocrisy has paralysed all initiatives to tackle the huge problems of this complicated continent. This book is a testament to the real commitment of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. Contained in these pages are the testimonies of my colleagues who work on the wide spectrum of issues affecting the relationship between the EU and the African continent. The most pressing issues that concern us and Africa are: the large-scale migration of people to Europe; poverty and hunger; terrorism; strengthening the rule of law and democracy; human rights; the rights of women and children; climate change; education; and health.

Contributing authors:

Gianni Pittella
Martin Schulz
Federica Mogherini
Juan Fernando López Aguilar
Maria Arena
Victor Boştinaru
Silvia Costa
Seb Dance
Ana Gomes
Zita Gurmai
Cécile Kashetu Kyenge
Jo Leinen
David Martin
Norbert Neuser
Antonio Panzeri
Enrique Guerrero Salom
Elena Valenciano

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Towards a new system of relations based on partnership: WITH AFRICA

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