Let's Ban Unpaid Traineeships!


The S&D Group offers many traineeship opportunities to involve young people in the work of the S&D Group and the European Parliament and to promote the integration of citizens across Europe. All our trainees receive a grant and working opportunities that include monitoring the work of parliamentary committees, working with the press team, participating in the S&D Group’s events, and other areas of parliamentary life.

Each semester, we take on approximately 25 young people for traineeships that last three to five months (depending on the programme). Traineeships begin in mid-February or mid-September.

Applicants for traineeships must meet the following conditions:

  • be aged at least 18 and maximum 35 on the traineeship start date;
  • be nationals of a Member State of the European Union unless the provisions of Article 21 apply;
  • share the values of the Group;
  • have a university degree (at least a BA or equivalent degree), unless the provisions of Article 25 apply;
  • have a thorough knowledge of English or French. A good knowledge of another of the official languages of the European Union is desirable.

The Group shall promote equal opportunities, ensure gender balance and exclude all types of discrimination as referred to in the Charter of Fundamental Rights. Selection and recruitment procedures are adapted to ensure that they do not disadvantage candidates with disabilities.


Semester Beginning of traineeship Duration Registration period
1st semester mid-February 3 or 5 months Precise dates to follow
2nd semester mid-september 3 or 5 months Precise dates to follow

You can read more about the different funds for traineeships below.

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