Time for some New Year resolutions for Europe! Relaunching Europe is back on the road in January 2016. Our aim is to debate the big issues that matter, and to bring Europe’s policy makers and specialists closer to YOU!

Our next event will be in the German city of Koblenz, a historic city where the Rhine meets the Moselle in the heart of Europe. And where better than a 2000-year-old city to look to the future?

This time we’ll be discussing Europe’s digital future: a crucial issue for our generation. We’ll be bringing together movers and shakers, experts and innovators, researchers and industry gurus to find out how we can shape the digital revolution to bring benefits for us all.

Have you ever thought how your life and career would look like if it weren’t for digital innovation? Can you imagine Europe not being connected? Can you see the potential for development and growth in companies which are digitally-savvy? We’re going to answer all these questions. And more!

Join us in Koblenz on the 21st of January and see what the future has planned for YOU!
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21 January 2016: Find out more about the event here
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