Invitation to S&D Group conference - New social media at the service of a progressive agenda - the Avaaz example.

The S&D Group is happy to welcome Ricken Patel, President and CEO of Avaaz, who will present the Avaaz network and its key campaigns.

Avaaz is an online community aiming at organising citizens across the world to promote a progressive agenda, empowering millions of citizens to collectively act for democracy, Human Rights, the rule of law, the environment, fair governance and societies and the fight against poverty.

Avaaz is now gathering some 48 million members, who sign massive petitions, fund media campaigns, e-mail, call and lobby governments, organise “offline” protests and events.

It has become a major actor in new forms of activism based on new social media.

We will debate precisely on these new forms of political communication and activism, how to better use the internet and new social media at the service of our common and progressive values, while tackling trolls, fake news and "alternative truth" supporters, conspirationnists websites, those spreading hatred messages, or abusing private data for political purposes.

Please register here by 25 June at 12:00.

We look forward to welcoming you for an interesting and lively discussion. The event will be webstreamed live on

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