On the occasion of Europe Day, which marks the anniversary of the historic Schuman declaration, S&D Group president Gianni Pittella said:
“This day is and will remain a special day for me and all those who believe in Europe. I am happy today. As we see a wind of enthusiasm and optimism for the European project blowing again on our continent.
“The French elections have sent a clear, pro-European signal. People have rejected the destructive vision of society from the far right and have instead voted in favour of a strong pro-European future. Let’s build this European future together.
“Our Group has always been at the forefront of defending European democracy, values and solidarity. In the current economic and political climate, in which many feel left behind due to the consequences of an unmanaged globalisation, we must become even more radical in defending these values. As the people’s Left it is our duty to bring together those who feel abandoned by the European project.
“To make Europe more socially just and ensure everyone feels part of it again, we need real progress on: a strong social Europe; the defense of the rule of law as a guiding principle of the EU – including in countries like Hungary and Poland; the fight against tax havens; a clear commitment to sustainable development; an efficient European industrial policy; and the fight against social dumping and austerity-driven economic policies.
“The time for European uncertainty and ambiguity is over. We will be much more radical in defending Europe and its achievements for the people.
“Some call Europe their dream. I am one of them. My dream is also for a better and fairer world, in which we work together and thus achieve more for all of us.
“Europe is our joint future. So let’s get to work and make it a reality for all of us.”
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