Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament put forward today a bold strategy for the EU’s industrial redress and revival. The paper adopted by the S&D Group focuses on key environmental, social, digital and financial issues that will go hand in hand with the implementation of the European Green Deal.

Ismail Ertug, S&D vice-president in charge of industry, said:

“As Socialist and Democrats, we are convinced that the European industrial policy strategy should promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, and significantly raise the industry’s share of high quality jobs and well-being. We fight for climate neutrality, sustainability, innovation and competitiveness and we insist in striving for social inclusiveness that leaves no worker or region behind.

“We need the industrial policy to fully assimilate the new digital realities. We need it to stimulate innovation, to benefit consumers and to ensure a fair access to international markets for our companies.

“Of course, as always we will make sure that the highest social standards are upheld in all our proposed policies. After all, we work for the people!”

Dan Nica, S&D spokesman on industry and research, said:

“Europe’s industrial policy strategy paper adopted today by our Group comes at a time when protecting lives is of utmost priority for everyone. But, we will never overlook the fact that protecting our citizens’ jobs, well-being, livelihoods and our climate will always be at the top of the progressive agenda.

“The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the fragility of our supply chains and the insufficiency of our IT networks. Therefore, the four main lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis that we plan to build on for the future are: to make our value chains more robust; to bring back industry in Europe, especially in key and strategic areas, together with strengthening and reintegrating a series of industrial processes inside the EU; to improve the digitalisation of our industries; to develop an industrial economy based on the European Green Deal.”

Carlo Calenda, European Parliament rapporteur on the industrial strategy, said:

When working on industrial strategy, we need to underline the fundamental importance of facing this historical moment with two different phases: a first one focused on recovery and a second based on managing the transition.

“While we shall not change our ambitious targets in terms of digitalisation and environment, the COVID-19 crisis is severely impacting our productive systems and we must avoid new burdens on our companies. The Recovery Fund will play a central role in supporting European companies and SMEs, and we insist on putting a special focus on laying the grounds for a sustainable common future.

“The future of workers and businesses will also be in the name of how we work on environment and digital transition, with the main objective of managing the risks associated with the twin transition and leaving no one behind.”

See the full text of the S&D Industrial Strategy here.

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