Mr Tajani has consistently voted against attempts to create stronger protections for whistle-blowers in Europe.

S&D Group MEP Virginie Rozière, co-rapporteur for the Parliament’s report on whistle-blowers, said:

“As we have seen from LuxLeaks to the Panama Papers, whistle-blowers play an essential role in exposing corruption and unethical behaviour of multinational companies and the global elites. However, all too often those that expose wrongdoing are the ones who face trials and punishment, while the perpetrators continue their work unhindered. When a whistle-blower or journalist is acting in the public interest to expose corruption or unethical behaviour they must be protected everywhere in the EU.

“Now Mr Tajani, why have you consistently voted against common EU protection for whistle-blowers? What is behind it?”

  • S&D Group MEP Virginie Rozière
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