Following a request by the Socialists and Democrats Group, EP president Antonio Tajani confirmed that Janusz Korwin-Mikke will be sanctioned for his outrageous sexist comments in plenary.

S&D Group leader Gianni Pittella said:

“We welcome the decision taken by the EP president, Antonio Tajani, who has agreed to our request to sanction Mr Korwin-Mikke for his shameful statements against gender equality expressed in plenary last week.

“The EU Parliament is the house of 500 million European citizens. In this house, we cannot accept any stance or declaration that openly goes against the principles and values of the European Union, based on equality, non-discrimination or respect. In our house, we have no room for misogynists.

S&D Group spokesperson on women’s rights and gender equality who responded to Mr Korwin-Mikke’s shameful statements, Iratxe García Pérez, added:

“It is important that members who make such outrageous remarks which violate the fundamental principles of the European Union get an exemplary sanction. They must know that their behaviour will not go unpunished.

“I would like to highlight the legacy the feminist movement has achieved throughout history. I, most likely, would not have had the opportunity to be in the European Parliament speaking up for women’s rights if there had not been generations before me working for gender equality and the political participation of women.”

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