"The vice-president designate for the digital single market, Andrus Ansip, made a fairly good impression during his hearing in the European Parliament last night and now needs to deliver," say S&D Euro MPs.

S&D Group spokespersons for internal market and consumer protection Evelyne Gebhardt, and for civil liberties, Birgit Sippel, said after the hearing:

"The vice-president designate Andrus Ansip showed a good technical knowledge of his portfolio. He seems eager and committed to advance on the digital single market.

"He clearly is up to the task as vice-president of the European Commission, but we are asking him to deliver.

"He emphasised the need to instill consumers and citizens trust in the digital single market.

"We fully support his commitment to abandon roaming charges in the EU and to enhance interoperability and e-governments.

"He was, however, very general and sometimes too vague and was careful not to make too many promises.

"He will in particular have to be much more specific on his plans ensuring consistency and a high level of data protection, net neutrality and copyrights in the digital world; issues where we were not fully satisfied with his answers."

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