S&D Times - This week's highlights and what's coming up.

Weekly Update - 14 to 18 March 2016

Quote of the week
"Europe is at a crossroads. The wind of change for a reformed and enhanced Europe is blowing strongly, battering the walls of those who have been working to dismantle Europe."
Gianni Pittella

Past activities
This highlight of this week’s plenary Session in Strasbourg was without doubt the State of the Union. Speaking after the debate Gianni Pittella, S&D Group leader, said: "Europe is at a crossroads. The wind of change for a reformed and enhanced Europe is blowing strongly, battering the walls of those who have been working to dismantle Europe. We must use this momentum to radically change Europe and bring it closer to the real needs of the people. European citizens want to know what Europe can do for them. How can Europe improve working conditions and salaries, how Europe can help young people find a decent job, or provide support if you become unemployed" Read more here and watch the video

The New Skills Agenda, WIFI4EU, the Istanbul Convention against violence against women, access to products and services, reducing C02 emissions to fight climate change - these have been just a few of the topics on the agenda this past Strasbourg plenary week for our Group. Read more here

You can find the plenary wrap up here.


Today the S&D Group in the European Parliament, is bringing its series of Europe Together debates to Valencia, Spain to discuss the EU cohesion policy - its future and impact on citizens. We will be hearing from politicians and specialists, and also mayors who have used cohesion funds to modernize and bring greater prosperity to their inhabitants by turning their regions and cities into prosperous, modern places.

Concerning the EU cohesion policy, S&D vice-president Isabelle Thomas said: “Cohesion is the EU's first investment policy for citizens. As an instrument of solidarity and regional convergence, EU cohesion policy is vital for convergence between European territories. In Valencia, amongst European Socialists and Democrats, we will discuss its prospects for the future, especially the post 2020 period.”

For further information on the Together initiative, please visit our website and engage with us on our Together Platform to discuss our challenges and opportunities for the future lying ahead.   


Upcoming activities

The Tenth Plenary Session of the Eurolat Assembly will take place from 18 - 21 September 2017 in San Salvador, El Salvador. S&D MEP and co-president of the Eurolat Assembly Ramón Jáuregui will co-chair the Assembly that will discuss important issues for the future of the strategic partnership between Europe and Latin America.

Next weekend, on the 23 of 24 of September, the S&D Group will host a conference in Tunis on the future of Tunisia to promote co-operation and dialogue among the progressive political forces in the country. Elena Valenciano, S&D vice-president on foreign affairs, and Enrique Guerrero Salom, president of the Global Progressive Forum, will lead the S&D delegation at the conference.

From Monday 25 September to Thursday 28 September, we are holding our S&D Africa week – The Youth and the Future of Africa. Please come and join us! The event will be held at various venues around Brussels and you can find all the details and programme here and how to register for one or more of the scheduled events.