Following these last days of terror and violence in the Middle East, Socialists and Democrats call for an immediate end to this new round of conflict in Israel and Palestine. Further war will only bring more pain and suffering. The EU and the international community should speak out, put an end to Israeli occupation, and work for a two-state solution.

EP foreign affairs committee standing rapporteur for Palestine, Evin Incir S&D MEP, said:

“Violence must stop now. All parties involved in this new bloody conflict should refrain from further actions that could bring about more casualties. The number of victims among civilians is increasing every day, especially among children. This is unacceptable and violates international humanitarian law.

“Neither is it acceptable the standstill in concrete terms of the whole international community whose evident divisions certainly do not facilitate the peace process.

“The United Nations and all international actors have the duty to take their share of responsibility. We expect that the EU speaks out with a united voice, not only to give its concrete contribution to finally silence the guns, but also to proactively play its crucial role to achieve a long-lasting, fair and shared agreement based on the two-state solution.

“To this end, Israel must immediately stop its gradual but steady illegal annexation of occupied Palestine and the spreading of new settlements. We expect the next Israeli government will overturn this strategy and will not allow peace to be held hostage by Benjamin Netanyahu’s thirst of power.”

S&D vice-president responsible for foreign affairs, Pedro Marques MEP, added:

“Continuing the eye for an eye policy will leave everyone blind. We call for an immediate cease-fire, to protect civilians’ lives and the precarious stability of the region.

“Conversations on a peaceful solution to implement the two-state solution, as defined by the UN, must follow. It is the only path to build an enduring peace for Palestinians and Israelis.

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