Training conditions might be ideal from the perspective of a football club; however, the climate should not be the only criterion for choosing the place of a training camp.

S&D MEP Norbert Neuser, coordinator of development committee (DEVE) criticised the football club stating: 

"The FC Bayern Munich, one of the biggest European football clubs, is planning already for the fifth year to organise a winter training camp in Qatar, although International Organisations like Amnesty International repeatedly point out that the country is responsible for serious breaches of human rights."

Elena Valenciano, S&D MEP and chair of the subcommittee of human rights (DROI) exposes the quite extended list of breaches of human rights in Qatar: 

"The list of breaches of human rights is long, not only with regard to the abuse and exploitation of migrant workers or the severe discrimination against women. Punishment is cruel and inhumane. For blasphemies or alcohol consumption people are punished with lashes. For homosexuality years of imprisonment are foreseen. For serious crimes Qatar still retains death penalty."

In addition, S&D MEP Norbert Neuser underlines the common position: 

"Just to turn a blind eye to the situation because it is just so convenient to hold a training camp there, with the effect of strengthening the position of a country like Qatar, does not bring honour to a prestigious European football club."

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