Following today’s approval in the plenary session in Strasbourg, a progressive Budget 2019 of the European Union is now a reality. After tough negotiations with the EU Council, the S&D Group managed to strike the best possible deal that will enable the EU to concretely make a difference in the lives of thousands of citizens, workers and enterprises.


Budget rapporteur, S&D MEP, Daniele Viotti stated:

“Thanks to our efforts, the Horizon 2020 programme for research and development has been strengthened by additional €150 million, to pave the way of a sustainable common future. The Erasmus+ will be boosted with a further €240 million, which means an additional 130,000 more scholarships ensured.

“This year the Youth European Initiative will have a budget of €350 million, while the fight against climate change will be backed by a tool of €126.5 million. Over €142.2 million will go to address the root causes of the migration challenge, with the aim of improving life standards in the developing countries from which migration flows originate. As concerns this last envelope, €21 million will be dedicated to the UNRWA for supporting Palestinian refugees in the Middle East.

“These are concrete and bold results we certainly welcome, that are in line with our values and principles and that outweigh the shortcomings stemming from the need for an overall compromise.”


S&D coordinator on budget, Eider Gardiazabal Rubial, added:

“Thanks to the S&D Group and our rapporteur, we have succeeded to reinforce the key EU programs: Erasmus+, Research and Innovation, and Youth European Initiative against unemployment. This is the first EU Budget to reach the 20% of spending target to tackle climate change. These are concrete outcomes that will certainly and positively impact our citizens.”



MEPs Involved

VIOTTI Daniele

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