The S&D Group welcomes the decision adopted by the EU Council today to introduce a legal limit on the use of industrially produced transfats* in foods, as the European Parliament already requested two years ago. The Commission proposes a maximum of 2 grams of transfats per 100 grams of fat in the food intended for the final consumer.

S&D vice-president for sustainability, Kathleen Van Brempt MEP, said:

“We are happy that the Council approved a legal limit on transfats today, after the Parliament’s resolution, initiated by our Group, asked for this already back in 2016. Evidence shows that transfats increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, infertility, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and obesity, especially in vulnerable population groups such as low-income households, as well as students. A thorough impact assessment, carried out by the Commission, concluded that the most effective measure to limit the intake of transfats would be to introduce an EU-wide legal limit. We are very happy that the Council have now taken the right decision, which will save people's lives.”

S&D spokesperson for health, Miriam Dalli MEP, said:

“It is positive that the majority of member states supported the European Commission’s proposal to cut down the presence of trans fatty acids. We have been pushing for legal limits on the use of industrially produced transfats in foods in the EU.
“This is required to protect consumers’ health and to promote healthier food options for all Europeans, especially as the dietary intakes of trans fatty acids should be as low as possible in order to avoid health risks.

“The European Parliament has the power to object to the decision in the next two months, but the S&D Group hopes that the new regulation will be adopted and come into force without any further delay.”  

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