S&D Euro MPs will back a resolution later today to protect consumer rights in the digital market. In particular, it seeks to encourage fair competition in this market. The resolution calls on the European Commission to "consider proposals with the aim of unbundling search engines from other commercial services."

Ahead of the vote, S&D Group negotiator and spokeswoman on the internal market, German MEP Evelyne Gebhardt said:

"From the Socialists and Democrats' point of view, European policymakers must directly support European innovation, and particularly new start-ups, in order to foster their potential.

"Internet search services dominate the everyday lives of Europeans. Web search results influence consumers' decisions not only with regard to online sales of goods and services but also in terms of social and political rights.

"As Socialists and Democrats, we want a more just and discrimination-free digital single market and the creation of more competition-friendly conditions.  
"The S&D Group believes that all internet users should have the option of choosing between competitors whose services could potentially be even better in the future. By allowing others to compete, transparency might also be enhanced for internet users."


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