The S&D Group takes note of the results of the vote in Turkey last night, which gave the majority to the ruling AK Party.

Gianni Pittella, President of the S&D Group said:

“The Turkish people have spoken and we have to respect their decision. However we invite President Erdogan to use the AK Party's majority wisely and democratically for the benefit of all the country. We urge the government to end national divisions and to return to the path of dialogue with the Kurdish population. The Turkish people have also shown that they do not want further concentration of power as the preliminary results show that AK Party's majority is smaller than in the 2011 elections. 

We very much welcome the result obtained by our sister parties, HDP and CHP, despite all the intimidation, even deadly attacks against them and despite pressure on the media. We now call President Erdoğan to work together with CHP and HDP and all other progressive and responsible forces for peace, stability, rule of law and reconciliation inside the country and remind him that nationalism is totally incompatible with European values.” 

Kati Piri, S&D MEP and Rapporteur on Turkey said:

“Despite a strongly polarized electoral period and the difficulties faced by some parties to campaign, the Turkish voters turned out in huge numbers to make use of their democratic right. 

“A large part of the Turkish electorate has chosen stability and security. For that to happen, it is crucial that the dialogue with the Kurdish minority will be re-started and the violence in the country will come to an end. 

“We are in favour of intensifying our dialogue with Ankara, especially in the area of fundamental rights, justice and home affairs. However, we remind the new government that human rights, press freedom and minority rights must be guaranteed and empowered throughout the whole of Turkey in order to make progress in the EU accession talks - which is a merit based process.” 

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