This week, the Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orbán, introduced an indefinite and uncontrolled state of emergency, suspending the national parliament for an unlimited time and enabling his government to rule single handed by decree.

The S&D Group has been denouncing this undemocratic behaviour for a week and tomorrow its leader Iratxe García will ask the other parliamentary group presidents to issue a joint statement calling for an urgent and bold reaction from the European Commission and the EU Council.

Iratxe García said:

“Orbán has crossed all red lines. Hungary is becoming the first dictatorship in the European Union and we will not accept it. The European Parliament, the core of European democracy, will not remain silent. I hope that the EPP will also be on board, even if they have still not expelled Fidesz from the EPP party.

“All member states had to adopt difficult measures that limit citizens’ civil rights to face the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these measures must remain proportionate and justified, and be temporary in nature.

“Suspending the Parliament without any time is a grave violation of our Treaties, the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Convention on human rights.  We cannot understand the mild reaction of the Commission and the silence of the Council.

“It is shocking to see that the Commission president didn’t even mention ‘Hungary’ in her statement yesterday. It is time she acts as the guardian of the Treaties and abandons the complicit lukewarmth of her political family, the EPP.”

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