Following the Commission’s announcement of the main principles of the strategy on the Digital Single Market to be adopted on 6 May, the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament demand an approach which is inclusive and which does not rest simply on putting the market first. Digitisation must serve the interests of everyone.

S&D vice-president Jörg Leichtfried said:

“Europe cannot lag behind in the digital transformation. The Commission has clearly identified the potential for business growth and job creation, but this is only one part of the benefits the Digital Union should bring. E-government, e-education and digital public services can and should improve citizens’ rights and equal access.

“Our Group would like to see the growth of the European digital economy lead to more European innovation and more investment in jobs and businesses in Europe, while protecting employment and labour standards, and promoting gender equality and equal access.
“The very nature of the technological developments and the challenges they bring demands an EU-wide response. One of the areas in urgent need of reform is the spectrum policy, to ensure this limited resource is used efficiently for new technologies.

“At the same, we also must make sure that our European values and principles are respected in the online world too, especially personal data and privacy. We must defend legal certainty on net neutrality and consumer protection in cross-border trade. The fact that products are sold online should not lower our standards and guarantees.”

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