S&Ds want more ambitious legislation to promote the use of renewables in transport

S&Ds call for a strong Energy Union that can provide affordable energy for all

"Today the Transport committee in the European Parliament rejected a lukewarm proposal on use of energy from renewable sources. The S&D Group could not support the opinion on the Industry and Energy committee's final report, which was too limited in scope.

The S&D group clearly opposed a conservative attempt to weaken the ambition of EU renewable targets, instead calling for national binding targets on renewables for all Member States.

Christine Revault D'Allonnes Bonnefoy, S&D spokesperson on renewable sources in transport, said:

"In the current context of dramatic consequences of the climate change, and when some world leaders refuse to take their share in significantly cutting green-house gas emissions, the European Parliament cannot afford to send a weak political message.

“Not only do we want a target of at least 35% of energy coming from renewables by 2030, but we want it to be binding for member-states. The 27% proposed by the Commission is definitely not enough. Our Group will insist on these goals when the report is voted on in the plenary.

“The calculation of greenhouse gas emissions must take all emissions into account, including those related to indirect land use change (ILUC), and we stress that no alternative fuel should threaten food production or generate other environmental damages".