As Socialists and Democrats we are fully committed to an alternative to blind and counter-productive austerity. We’ve already had our first successes. Our call for an investment plan and greater flexibility in the implementation of fiscal rules to revive the European economy was heard. The European Commission’s president, Jean-Claude Juncker, made concrete proposals - our first step in changing the direction of Europe.

However, Europe is facing many other threats and challenges. The worst enemy for Europe today is the lack or the ineffectiveness of solutions to major problems.

On terrorism, we urge the EU to look at the whole picture, taking action such as tighter co-operation between intelligence services, better integration, reinforced controls on external Schengen borders, and tackling the causes of radicalisation.

Global issues need a global response. The European Union must become a political giant and be at the forefront of defending democracy against every type of extremism, whether in Europe, Syria, the Middle East or Nigeria. We want Europe to wake up.

The S&D Group stand for all these priorities. Your priorities.

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Published: 28/04/2016
Il gruppo S&D nel parlamento europeo - Le nostre priorità politiche