Brexit, the migration humanitarian emergency, the threat of terrorism, armed conflicts at our doorsteps and the long lasting economic crisis have dramatically undermined the foundations of this Europe. We must not be afraid of change.

Europe can succeed. As long as it returns to being, and acting as, Europe. The European Parliament will be the crucial driver for changing this Europe. If we are brave enough to realise that we need to raise the bar.

We need an efficient and inclusive Parliament capable of dealing with the global challenges facing us all. We need a Parliament capable, where necessary, of challenging the Commission and the European Council to promptly deliver and live up to citizens' expectations.

This Parliament needs a president who can increase the democratic energy of this institution. A president who can act as a guarantor of pluralism, equal political dignity and equal participation in the decision making process for all MEPs and all groups.

A president who is 'first among equals', PRIMUS INTER PARES!

As a candidate for the presidency, I am putting forward ten concrete proposals for the European Parliament; you can find the full details here. Among these proposals are:

  • Make the Conference of Presidents a forum for real, open debate. Be an inclusive president of the European Parliament available to all MEPs, regardless of their role and function
  • Conclude a more ambitious inter-institutional agreement, which guarantees access to important and relevant documents for all MEPs. Strengthen the political role of the committees of inquiry by giving them the necessary powers to fulfil their tasks
  • Meet the target of at least 40% of women in managerial roles in the European Parliament administration by 2019. Extend and reinforce the role of the European Parliament Information Offices in the 28 member states as a platform for promoting the legislative activities of the MEPs in their own constituencies
  • Organise high-level international forums with international institutions, NGOs, associations and citizens on the regulation of the financial system, the relaunch of European culture, and on climate change and energy transition

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Published: 10/01/2017
Pittella: Ten concrete proposals for the European Parliament

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